Autumn in Switzerland

I’ve said it countless time and I’ll say it again – AUTUMN is my favourite season. Autumn this year is more significant because when I left Switzerland in early October, the landscape looked pretty much still in Summer despite the temperature was dropping. I had three weeks of Malaysian landscape and as soon as I landed in Switzerland, Autumn already came out to greet me. The trees were turning yellow, and red. The warm colours were showing off at full force. The whole week was sunny. Whenever we were in the car driving to the office, I would peer out the car windows and admire the view outside. The golden trees and vineyards on the hills, and by the lake was captivating. I am like a child when I see beautiful landscape. I had to say WOAH! out loud. 


However, Autumn is short lived. After that beautiful week after I returned to Switzerland, it has been mostly gray, rainy and cold. There were not many opportunities and enough to go out – especially on weekends to photograph Autumn. Winter is creeping in slowly. The mountains are already capped with snow. The temperature was at steadily cold. Even though we are wishing hard for a white Christmas this year, we hoped that Autumn would stay longer. 


Love, Frau Hallo x

Yellow Leaves during Autumn
Yellow Leaves during Autumn


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  3. The forest walk looks like the one I imagine when reading a historical romance books! All beautiful photos well done!

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