Winter Wonderland in Switzerland



4TH JANUARY, 2017.

This will be a not very short write up with some pictures of winter in Switzerland or more like winter near our place.  I do have a love and hate relationship with winter. I can be sure that I like the second half of spring, the cool part of summer, the first half of autumn and the snowy part of winter. Ironically, I’ve only been to Switzerland during winter before I actually moved here. I could say I loved winter, for a few years at least. I am a newbie to winter. I grew up in a tropical country so the four seasons excite me until the cold creeps into my bones. Until 4 years ago, I’ve not been to a cold country but I’ve watched it on TV. It does look fun and stylish. Being influenced by the movies, I’ve imagined countless times how it’s like wearing a pair of high boots, a winter coat, the snow cap, gloves and the whole she-bang. I’ve skied down the mountains like a pro a few times in my dreams, as the result of watching too much Ski videos on YouTube but hat’s all in the past now. I am living in Switzerland and I could do all that I have imagined. The reality of life isn’t really as pretty as it looks on TV though.


First of all, piling layers of clothes before you leave the house during winter is quite annoying. Basically, I looked like a robot when I am fully geared on my winter clothes. As a winter rookie, I attempted leaving the apartment without a coat simply because I forgot about it. Shopping during winter is impossible for me. I can’t bring myself to remove the layers of clothing, try on clothes, put on the layer of onions once again and repeat that when you are in another shop. I get angry and leave the shop without buying anything. I have utmost respect for people who could do that. Another problem I have with winter is my throat! My poor throat gets really dry when I am outside that makes me gag. I really wonder if it’s just me or this is normal. I told Herr Hallo the other day and he said that he does not have this problem because he grew up here and I don’t. Is that even valid?So, what else is not fun? Wind in your face! Dry skin! And frozen fingers!

 but…  [song] As soon as it snows, all the troubles seem so far away!

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Frozen plants by the lake. Frozen plants by the lake.
Walking trail by the lake with frozen trees in the background. Walking trail by the lake with frozen trees in the background.


Seeing snow fall is like driving in the rain. It’s like listening to jazz in the candlelight. It’s like taking a hot shower after being out in the cold all day. Or watching the sunset in the middle of the sea (or lake!). You get the point. We had our first snow a few days ago. About one week (too late) after Christmas. It snowed at night and we woke up to a snow covered view. We had the shutter closed all night and (unusually) I woke up before Herr Hallo.  I went to the living room, open the shutter and there it is – everything is white! The feeling when I saw the first sight of snow is hard to explain. I think the closest description would be that it felt like Christmas. I shouldn’t know how Christmas feels like. I grew up in a Taoist household but weirdly, I do know how Christmas feels like when I see the first snow.

So, I thought I’ll share a few pictures I took during the New Year. We were at our usual place at a little lake called Lützelsee in Hombrechtikon. There is a walking trail which you could walk around the lake. The lake is surrounded by vast of farmland and there are beautiful old timber framed houses nearby. There is a beautiful and big (plant) nursery. The nursery is very beautiful any season. During late Spring through to early Autumn, the lake is open for swimming. On top of that, there are stork nests in one of the trees at Lützelsee. Besides the storks, many species of birds and also flora and fauna live there. We are very lucky we live near this wonderful place.

x Frau Hallo

Lützelsee farmland during Winter Lützelsee farmland during Winter
Lützelsee, Hombrechtikon. Lützelsee, Hombrechtikon.
Misty and frozen afternoon on New Year 2017. Misty and frozen afternoon on New Year 2017.
Frozen trees in the background. Frozen trees in the background.
My favourite place. Winter foliage in Hombrechtikon's Lützelsee, Switzerland. My favourite place. Winter foliage in Hombrechtikon’s Lützelsee, Switzerland.


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