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  • Bern Travel Guide (One day in Bern)

    Bern Travel Guide (One day in Bern)

    One day in Bern – A Travel Guide. Federal Palace of Switzerland / Bundeshaus Bern I spent a good five hours in Bern. I started my visit at 09:00 from Bern’s main station (Bern Hauptbahnhof) Info: I travelled by public transport so I bought the SBB day pass for the city of Bern. Buying a…

  • Sion, Valais – Switzerland

    Sion, Valais – Switzerland

    Time stands still in Sion. I was walking in the main area of the old town. The area where the restaurants, cafes and shops are located. I was uninterested and decided to take the side alley to be away from the crowd. In these quiet alleys, I found myself wandering alone listening to soft chattering…