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  • 1 (or ½) Day in Cologne & Troisdorf

    1 (or ½) Day in Cologne & Troisdorf

    Cologne, Troisdorf Duration: ½ to 1 day. COLOGNE IN ONE DAY. I mentioned that I am not particularly fond of Cologne compared to Bonn in my previous post. Cologne is rather popular with tourist. If you are travelling by train across Europe to or from Netherland, you would probably have to transit there. It is…

  • Things To Do and Eat in Bonn, Germany.

    Things To Do and Eat in Bonn, Germany.

    We were in Bonn, Cologne, Troisdorf, Wiesbaum and Düsseldorf last year as a part of personal work vacation for a week. I thought that I could fit all the travels in one post but Bonn is taking much space so I will split the other cities into another post. We were comtemplating if we should stay…

  • Bamberg, Germany.

    Bamberg, Germany.

    Oh beautiful Bamberg! Bamberg caught us by surprise. We ended up in Bamberg by chance, really. On the 22nd November, we had an engagement in Nürnberg. A week before our trip, I was tasked to search for a hotel to stay near Nürnberg. We were out of luck because there will be the the famous…