Braunwald – Glarus, Switzerland


One funicular and a cable car, we reached Grotzenbüel. We did the panorama hiking trail in Braunwald. It’s fairly easy and family friendly. The landscape was amazing that day. Meadow blooming in all it’s glory. In the morning, the skies were so blue and clear. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.


  • There are many hiking possibilities in Braunwald. The view is really amazing so we want to come back and explore different trails.
  • We drove to Linthal to take the furnicular train to Braunwald. Then we took a cable car from Hüttenberg to Grotzenbüel where we start our hike.
  • This hike was an easy one. In my opinion, it’s a good place to bring visitors/guests.
  • Go early! and check the cable car timetable.
braunwald-glarus-8 10th June, 2018. Destination: Grotzenbüel 1559m Distance: ca. 9.1 km Elevation: ca. 412 m Duration: ca. 6h 30m Starting: Grotzenbüel 1559m
  • Maps/Info about this hike can be found in Braunwald website (click here!)
  • A brief map guide by us can be found at the end of the page.
braunwald-glarus-4 braunwald-glarus-12 braunwald-glarus-23 braunwald-glarus-35 braunwald-glarus-23 braunwald-hiking-map


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  1. Beautiful photos! Vibrant and it captures all the beauty of each place.

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