Secret Life of Atzmännig

Destination: Atzmännig Time: ca. 1 – 2 hours

I took these pictures when we were on our HalloxChasingWaterfalls streak. It was an impromptu trip. We wanted to go hiking but plans changed and we went to Atzmännig instead. We were here a few times before – to look for gold. Well, did we find any? That’s a secret. 😜


These pictures are different from the usual hiking pictures from previous posts. These photos are sort of accidental. We were in Atzmännig to take pictures and film the waterfalls in the area. However, I grew tired of constaintly adjusting my Gorillapod for right angle, I turned my focus of capturing the little lives in the area. The Artmännig river is dark and mysterious. Trees are aplenty and they shed the sunshine. Occasionally there are sun beaming through the trees. I am extremely attracted to such scenes. At Atzmännig, I was chasing these sun beams and started to take pictures of these secret lives in the forest. I was stunned to see how well the pictures turned out that I started to wildly photograph what’s mostly under my feet, the stones and on the trees.

I want to keep this post as short as possible because I want my reader to focus on the pictures instead. If you wish to view the pictures on bigger resolution, click on it and a lightbox will appear. Best view on desktop.

Enjoy ! Leave a comment if you like them.

x Frau Hallo

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