Spitzmeilenhütte – Glarus, Switzerland.

Starting: Maschgenkamm 2007m Destination: Spitzmeilenhütte 2087m Distance: ca. 20 km Elevation: ca. 80m Time: ca. 9:00:00

I am writing this throwback post on the first day of Autumn (I presume!) because apparently yesterday was the last sunny day of Summer. We went to Spitzmeilenhütte again two weeks ago. The last time I was there, I brought my camera with no memory card in it but I was sure to check this time that everything is intact. So, off we go!


We parked our car at Tannenboden and took a one-way gondola cable car to Maschgenkamm which cost Sfr 11 per person, with SBB Halbtax. We started our journey from Maschgenkamm to Spitzmeilenhütte. On the way back, we took the trail towards Prodalp. From Prodalp, we walked down to our car.


I didn’t check the weather forecast so I was expecting a sunny Sunday hike. To my surprise, it was cold and foggy. Thank God we brought extra jackets! I was not expecting much to see or photograph since the visibility was low. I had no experience in bad weather photography but it turned out that landscape was even more interesting than ever!

The fog in the background of trees from afar, the blurred landscape in the distance and the occasional sun peeking through the thick fog and clouds is so captivating! It is rather hard to explain what I saw. It was a total difference face of mountains I have ever seen. The contrast on the layers of the mountainous becomes more visible than before. The colours are dark and vibrant at the same time, if that is even possible. Little plants along the path and stones were covered with dew, mosturised by Mother Earth. The ground was wet, muddy and some path laid with cow dungs. In the mountains on days like this, you find yourself isolated from others. The mountains are quite and peaceful as if the sound are muffled by the fog. As we were approaching Spitzmeilenhütte, the colourful alpine formation is captivating. You can see the colourful layers of rock in picture below.

We had a short break at the cabin before we head back to Tannenboden. It was a long walk home. We walked towards Prodalp back to our car and clocked 9 hours of hiking, covering 20km. It was a hard day but rewarding. When we got home and reviewed the pictures, the muscle aches were worth it.

I hope you enjoy seeing what I see.

Till next time,

x Frau Hallo

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