SIGG HOT & COLD Glass WMB: The Cold Test

PRODUCT IN TEST: SIGG Hot & Cold Glass WMB White 0.4 L


We are definitely curious about how this glass version would flair. We’ve been using the bottle for a couple of weeks simply to feel if it would be a good bottle for daily usage. The first impression we had as soon as we received this bottle was that the bottle is very pretty (we have a white one) and it is made with high quality. I like that the bottle is transparent and I could see what’s inside. On the box, it says that this bottle is suitable for coffee, tea, filtered tea, ice tea and fruits. Another feature that I really like about the design is the silicone grip and anti shock bumper. It’s a giant high five for people with butter fingers like myself. The bottle also comes with tea filter and strainer. I am a lazy tea person. I make my tea from teabags so I removed this filter from the bottle.

Let’s move on the important aspect of the bottle. Does it live up to what the label said? On the box it says that the bottle could hold 1 hour of hot drinks and 2 hours of cold drinks. Alright! Let’s put this bottle to test and see it’s true for the cold test.

NOTE: For this test, we used a simple thermal camera. The accuracy may have variance of ± 2 °C. Do read about thermal imaging from our previous post.

Thermal image of SIGG bottle (water surface)

Temperature measurement

Thermal image of SIGG bottle (water surface)
From left to right with opened SIGG bottle lids.

Thermal images

From left to right with opened SIGG bottle lids. ε = 0.97

Lemon & Mint Summer drink.


  • We started to test the bottle at approximately 11:00 and sampling at interval 30 minutes. At the start, I filled the bottle with 4 ice cubes and tap water after letting the tap water run for a few seconds so we get cool water. Once the bottle is filled, we shook the bottle so the water temperature distribution is even before we take measurement. Starting measurement was 9.9 °C.
  • After 30 minutes, we took measurement again. Most of the ice cubes have melted at this point and the water has become colder, measuring at 7.2 °C.
  • Our room temperature remained stable at 23.7 – 23.8 °C throughout the test.
  • On the third measurement, the water temperature rised to 13.7 °C, a huge change from the 2nd measurement.
  • From the first hour to the third hour, the measurement shows that the temperature rise every approx. 2 °C for every 30 minutes interval.
  • At the second hour, the water temperature was at 17.6 °C. SIGG claims that the bottle holds cold water for 2 hours. Cool enough to quench thirst during summer.
  • The water in the bottle reaches room temperature of 22 – 23 °C at 3.5 hours.

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The bottle does what it says it would – hold cold drinks for 2 hours. It’s a very well made (in term of quality) bottle and a very pretty one. The one a hipster would use. The one you would want to show off to your friends. An Insta-worthy product to have. It is an office bottle, a school water bottle, a Badi bottle, a city bottle. It has a bit of weight because it is a double walled glass. That’s a non-negotiable trade-off for insulate to hold the water temperature.

However, this is not our favourite insulated water bottle. We love the SIGG Hot & Cold ONE stainless steel insulated water bottle. That is one bottle take blew our minds. A high performance bottle. If you put an ice cube in that bottle, 4 hours later the ice cube will still in your bottle. We are really excited to put that one on a cold test this summer. You can read the HOT test we did few months ago here.

Finally, we would like to thank SIGG for sending us this pretty bottle to test.

Until next review!

x Frau Hallo

This SIGG glass bottle is perfect for water-ink infusion experiment.

This SIGG glass bottle is perfect for water-ink infusion experiment.


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