This morning, all my social media accounts were filled with Valentine related post. It’s the day of love or some of my friends called it capitalism day of love because this special day is lucrative for businesses. Flowers, jewelries, dinners to name a few are selling like hot cakes.

Here I am, sitting in my living room alone enjoying working from home wondering what to post on social media. Should I write about my love story with Herr Hallo? Or post a throwback photo of us? Well, maybe not. That would be kind of boring isn’t it?  Instead I would like to share a little project we worked on together. We both spent some hours on the balcony at around – 6 Celsius trying to remake an experiment we saw online. It is freezing bubbles at sub zero temperature. We were blessed with really cold temperature the week we saw the video so it was perfect time to try it out ourselves. Actually my husband was the one who wanted to try out.

For a couple of evenings, we were kneeling down on our balcony in our thick winter jackets blowing bubbles and watching them freeze. It was magical. I could not find another suitable word to describe it besides simply magical. It was fascinating to see how a plain thing such as soap bubble could transforms into a small enchanting winter dome with a little help from Mother Nature. We were completely bewitched by the formation of crystals in the bubble like a web – slowly from the bottom up.

There really isn’t a story to accompany the pictures. They stand alone – on its own. Every bubble is unique. the formation of crystals are different on each bubble. It is somewhat mystical especially when we watch it again on our computer. We could see even more details compared to the first time.

We hope you’ll enjoy these pictures as much as we do. Leave a comment and let us know what you think! Scroll down for videos.

x Frau Hallo


Crystal formation in the soap bubble. Crystal formation in the soap bubble. Crystal umbrella. Crystal umbrella. Starry Starry Night Starry Starry Night Crystals formation. Crystals formation. Crystal reformation. Crystal reformation.



  1. Wow! that was cool 🙂 I never thought about that… even my hubby whose from there haha! Good to learn something new! Thanks.

    1. frauhallo avatar

      You should try if you have the chance! It is really fascinating because every bubble form different patterns when it freezes.

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