FJÄLLRÄVEN Rucksack No. 21 : A Review

First of all, Happy New Year to you – who are reading this!

Looks like this will be the first blogpost of the year. I am excited to share a review of this Fjallraven Rucksack No. 21 I received as a Christmas gift from Herr Hallo. Let me give you an insight about my relationship and this rucksack. Well, I saw this rucksack (and a beautiful Fjallraven hiking pants!) a year ago when we were in SportXX looking for ski boots. I’ve been dreaming about it ever since. Throughout the year, although I was staying loyal to No. 21 , I tried looking out for others. When I was in the city, my eyes darted everywhere to whomever who has a bag on their back. None holds my heart like this Fjallraven number.

The reason why I needed a nice looking rucksack is because I always bring my camera with me. I only have 2 bags, a small leather box bag which my camera could not fit and a leather tote bag with opening on the top, which has been my regular camera bag. Although the leather tote bag is stylish, it is also unsafe and hurts my shoulder because it is heavy. I need a secure rucksack which I could carry with me for travels, or to the city when the security is not good. So here we are, my dream rucksack No. 21 currently in my possession!

Last year, I decided to be straight forward with my wish list. I think it’s rather annoying when people asked you what you want for Christmas or whatever occasions, you said you don’t know because perhaps 1) you don’t know what you want or 2) you are too shy to tell what you really want. If somebody or anybody ask me what I want, they get a wish list with a web link. It relieve of my present giver the brain work. When you do as I did, you get (normally) what you wish for and even if you don’t, you could go get it yourself after the occasion. No hard feelings there.  Nobody always gets what they wish for anyway. As for this one, I never fail to remind Herr Hallo of my desire from time to time. *proud grin*

So, let’s head to the review below.

Fjällräven Rucksack No. 21 Small - Front buckle Fjällräven Rucksack No. 21 Small – Front buckle
Expendable drawstring closure and outer pockets. Expendable drawstring closure and outer pockets.


When you open the front flap of the rucksack, there is an expendable drawstring closure which lead to the main compartment but let’s talk about the two pockets on the front part under the flap. Actually, there are 4 outer compartments; two on the side and two pockets under the main flap. So, the two pockets under the main strap have no zippers or button to close. They are open pockets; so to speak. They are very inviting and any valuables should not be kept there. It’s a shame really because these pockets are rather convenient. I’ll keep pack of tissues, sunglasses, pen and perhaps a small notebook there.

Shoulder straps of Fjällräven Rucksack No. 21 Shoulder straps of Fjällräven Rucksack No. 21
Inside: The drawstring compartment Inside: The drawstring compartment


The space inside the drawstring closure on the other hand is very secure. There is a small drawstring pocket for thermos, a laptop compartment, a free seat pad (!), and a small compartment with zipper. I am deeply concern about security when I go out so I am quite confident that no pickpockets could steal anything in this compartment. The only way to steal from me is to steal the rucksack altogether but NO! I hope that will not happen.

As for the laptop compartment, I couldn’t fit my 14″ laptop in it. Maybe a 13″ laptop would fit. I wouldn’t know because I didn’t try. We only buy big laptops in the family. However, I am sure that any tablet would go in with no problem. One more thing – I don’t what to do with the seat pad! What is for? What do people use it for? As a layer of cushion when you’d sit down to have lunch in the mountains? Or as an insulation when yo have to sit on a cold steel chair in the cold months? Or as a hand fan when you are in a hot country? Who knows!

Made in Sweden Made in Sweden
Shoulder straps of Fjällräven Rucksack No. 21 Shoulder straps of Fjällräven Rucksack No. 21


The shoulder straps are very well built. The leather details on the straps make it special. I’ve not seen a rucksack quite the same. The back part of the rucksack is well padded. I tested it yesterday and it was comfortable.

As for the side compartments, they are rather small. I could only fit a small bottle of 500ml Evian. Nothing bigger than that bottle could fit in this side pocket. An umbrella on side and a small bottle of water or even a small torchlight on the other side. This is a bit of a disappointment because I like my water “easy to reach”.


I LOVE THE RUCKSACK! even though it is not perfect. There are small details I don’t like about it like the insecure front pockets, and the rather small outer side pockets. Apart from that, this is surely the bag for me. It looks great and it’s made with excellent material and quality. I see this as my city bag, rather than my hiking rucksack. I have a rucksack for hiking which I could throw on the ground of mud and care nothing about. I would not treat my new rucksack so carelessly. I am counting the days of relaxed and painless shoulders outing. It is really hard to have comfort and style at the same time but this rucksack does it. I am sure it will last for years and perhaps I will do a follow up review next year.

As for now, thank you for reading till the end and Happy New Year, again.

Much love, Frau Hallo


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